Loyalty And Honour Photographs

Afrika Korps Knight's Cross holders

Below is a selection of Afrika Korps Knight's Cross holder photographs currently for sale.


Audorff, Paul: Grenadier Regiment 754: PHOTO: £20.00

Bendert, Karl-Heinz: Luftwaffe JG27 (D.A.K.): PHOTO: £20.00

Berner, Emil: Luftwaffe Flak Regiment 18 (D.A.K.) PHOTO, PRINT OUT: £20.00

Briel, Georg: Heeres Flak Btl. 606: PHOTO: £20.00

Buschhausen, Friedrich-Wilhelm: Panzer Gren. Rgt. 69: PHOTO: £20.00

Christl, Georg: Luftwaffe ZG26 "Horst Wessel", (D.A.K.): PHOTO: £20.00

Crinius, Wilhelm (Oakleaves): Luftwaffe JG53, (D.A.K.): PHOTO: £25.00

Ehle, Curt (Oakleaves): 15. Kradschutzen Btl.: PHOTO, LETTER: £30.00

Ewert, Herbert: Panzer Gren. Rgt. 104: LETTER and PRINT OUT: £20.00

Halm, Günther: Panzer.Gren.Rgt. 104: PHOTO, ADDRESS LABEL: £25.00

Heintze, Erich: Luftwaffe Flak Regiment 33 (mot.) (D.A.K.): PHOTO: £20.00

Hißmann, Josef: Heeres Flak Abt. 617: PHOTO, LETTER, ENVELOPE: £30.00

Hogeback, Hermann: Luftwaffe LG1 (D.A.K.), KG6: PHOTO (colour): £35.00

Isachsen, Herbert: Luftwaffe LG1 (D.A.K.): PHOTO: £20.00

Jähnert, Erhart: Luftwaffe Stuka-Geschwader 3 (D.A.K.): PHOTO (colour): £25.00

Nehring, Walter (Swords): Heer, Afrikakorps C.O., I. Panzer Armee C.O. (D.A.K.): PHOTO (clipped): £35.00

Reinert, Ernst-Wilhelm (Swords): Luftwaffe JG77: PHOTO (colour): £35.00

Reißmann, Werner: Heer Schutzen Regiment 104 (D.A.K.): PHOTO: £20.00

Rittmeyer/Zecherle, Konrad: Heer 90. Leichte Afrika Div. (D.A.K.): PHOTO, LETTER, ENVELOPE: £30.00

Rödel, Gustav-Siegfried: Luftwaffe JG27 (D.A.K.): PHOTO: £25.00

Zahn, Dr. rer. Pol. Eberhard: Heer Panzerjäger Abt. 33 (D.A.K.): PHOTO: £25.00

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