Loyalty And Honour Photographs

Heer Knight's Cross holder photographs

Below is a selection of Heer Knight's Cross holder photographs currently for sale, this batch focusing on: HEER Pioneermen.

'Pioneer Soldaten'

Brandt, Walter: Panzer Pioneer Battalion 130: SIGNED PHOTOCOPY IMAGE, COPY PHOTO: £25.00

Duncker, Christoph: Pioneer Battalion 158: PHOTO, ENVELOPE: £25.00

Grimberg, Heinz: Panzer Pionier Bataillon 19: PHOTO, LETTER: £25.00

Gunzert, Ulrich: Pioneer Battalion 258: PHOTO (clipped): £15.00

Haase, Alfred: Pionier Lehr Batallion 2: PHOTO, LETTER, ENVELOPE, PRINT OUT: £35.00

Högl, Franz-Josef: Panzer Pionier Batallion 220: PHOTO, LETTER, ENVELOPE: £30.00

Holzapfel, Karl-Heinz: Pioneer Battalion 29 (mot.): PHOTO, LETTER, ENVELOPE: £30.00

Jochimsen, Bernhard: Pionier Batallion 290: PHOTO: £20.00

Keese, Heinrich (OAKLEAVES): Pioneer Battalion 20 (mot.): PHOTO, LETTER, CV: £35.00

Langenstraß, Ernst-Friedrich: Pioneer Battalion 28: PHOTO, LETTER, ENVELOPE, CV: £35.00

Memmert, Friedrich: Pioneer Battalion 20 (mot.): PHOTO, LETTER, CV, ENVELOPE, COPY AWARD DOCS x 3: £40.00

Müller-Rochholz, Friedrich: Pz.Stu.Pi.Btl. "Brandenburg": PHOTO: £20.00

Mulzer, Dr. Josef-Georg (OAKLEAVES): Pionier Bataillon 195: PHOTO: £25.00

Munz, Johann: Pionier Bataillon 387: PHOTO, LETTER, ENVELOPE: £30.00

Pasternack, Eberhard: Pionier Bataillon 8 (mot.): PHOTO, NOTE, ENVELOPE: £30.00

Pfitzner, Heinz: Pionier Bataillon 290: PHOTO, NOTE, ENVELOPE: £30.00

Püttcher, Heinrich: Panzer Pioneer Battalion 86: PHOTO, LETTER, PRINT OUT: £30.00

Rampf, Alois: Pionier Bataillon 88: PHOTO, LETTER, 6 COPY AWARD DOCS: £40.00

Rehbein, Max: Pioneer Battalion 23: PHOTO: £20.00

Schlingmann, Harry: Pioneer Battalion 112: PHOTO, LETTER, ENVELOPE: £30.00

Schmischke, Helmut: Pioneer Battalion 36: PHOTO, LETTER, 8 COPY AWARD DOCS, SIGNED ADDRESS CARD: £40.00

Stettin, Günter: Panzer Pioneer Battalion 92: PHOTO, PRINT OUT, ENVELOPE: £30.00

Thünemann, Heinrich: Panzer Pioneer Battalion 79: PHOTO, LETTER, ENVELOPE: £30.00

Walterbach, Bernhard: Pioneer Battalion 253: PHOTO: £20.00

Zastrow, Max: Pioneer Battalion 81: PHOTO, LETTER, COPY RK DOC: £30.00

Zurmöhle, Walter: Pioneer Battalion 6: PHOTO, LETTER: £25.00

Not see the person you would like to add to your collection in the list above? Just ask for who you seek, so that I can confirm whether they are within the wider collection.