Loyalty And Honour Photographs

Heer Knight's Cross holder photographs

Below is a selection of Heer Knight's Cross holder photographs currently for sale, initially focusing on: 'Grossdeutschland' and the (schwere) Panzer Abteilungen.


Anding, Friedrich: Grossdeutschland Pz.Jg. Abt: PHOTO: £25.00

Beck-Broichsitter, Helmut: Grossdeutschland Pz.Jg. Kp.: PHOTO, LETTER: £20.00

Fabian, Heinz-Otto (Oakleaves): Fuhrer Begleit Brigade "GD": NOTE and ENVELOPE only: £15.00

Fabich, Maximilian: Panzer Fusilier Regiment "GD": PHOTO, LETTER, UNSIGNED PHOTO: £20.00

Frantz, Peter (Oakleaves): Grossdeutschland Sturmgeschütz: PHOTO, ENVELOPE: £20.00

Klemz, Bernhard: Panzer Regt. Grossdeutschland: PHOTO: £15.00

Konopka, Gerhard: Gren. Rgt. Grossdeutschland: PHOTO (colour), LETTER: £25.00

Matheja, Siegmund: Panzerhaubitzen Abteilung "GD": PHOTO (postwar), LETTER: £15.00

Röger, Hans: Pz. Fus. Rgt. "Grossdeutschland": PHOTO, LETTER: £20.00

Schrödter Erich (Oakleaves): Pz. Aufk. Abt. "GD": PHOTO, LETTER, PRINT OUT (signed), PRINT OUT: £35.00

Sommer, Clemens: Pz.Gren.Rgt. "Grossdeutschland": PHOTO, NOTE, ENVELOPE, CV: £25.00

Später, Helmuth: Grossdeutschland & Brandenburg: PHOTO, LETTER, CV, ENVELOPE: £30.00

Strojek, Helmut: Gren. Rgt. 986, 276. "GD": PHOTO, LETTER, CV, ENVELOPE: £30.00

Tornau, Gottfried: Sturmartillerie Brigade "GD": PHOTO, LETTER, CV (signed): £25.00

Wätjen, Rudolf: Pz. Aufkl. Abt. "Großdeutschland": LETTER only: £10.00

Wegner, Wilhelm: Sturmgeschütz Abt. "GD": PHOTO (clipped): £10.00

Werthern, von Freiherr Thilo: Schutzen Regiment 394 & "GD": PHOTO, CV, ENVELOPE: £25.00

Wietersheim, von Walter: Grossdeutschland Panzer Reg.: PHOTO, ENVELOPE: £20.00


Burmester, Hans-Jürgen: (schwere) Panzer Abteilung 509: PHOTO, LETTER, NOTE: £25.00

Diest-Körber, von Ernst Nordewin: (schwere) Panzer Abteilung 503: PHOTO, LETTER, CV, ENVELOPE: £30.00

Gebhardt, Rolf: (schwere) Panzer Abteilung 507: PHOTO: £15.00

Jähde, Willy: (schwere) Panzer Abteilung 502: PHOTO, NOTE, ENVELOPE: £25.00

Kagenek, von Graf Clemens-Heinrich (Oakleaves): (schwere) Panzer Abteilung 503: PHOTO (colour): £25.00

Kerscher, Albert: (schwere) Panzer Abteilung 502: PHOTO: £15.00

Koltermann, Wolfgang: (schwere) Panzer Abteilung 507: PHOTO, LETTER, CV, ADDRESS LABEL: £30.00

Reuter, Erich: (schwere) Panzerjäger Abt. 519: PHOTO, LETTER, ENVELOPE, PRINT OUT: £30.00

Scherf, Walter: (schwere) Panzer Abteilung 503: PHOTO: £15.00

Wirsching, Maximilian: (schwere) Panzer Abteilung 507: PHOTO, LETTER: £20.00

Not see the person you would like to add to your collection in the list above? Just ask for who you seek, so that I can confirm whether they are within the wider collection.