Loyalty And Honour Photographs

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Below is a selection of Kriegsmarine Knight's Cross holder photographs currently for sale, focusing on the surface fleet men.

Bastian, Helmut: (Sprengboot Flotilla Kdr.): PHOTO, LETTER: £25.00

Birnbacher, Heinz: (1. Schnellbootsflottille Chief): PHOTO, LETTER, ENVELOPE, COPY PHOTO: £35.00

Bögel, Hermann: (M4040 (40. MS Flotille)): PHOTO (CLIPPED): £20.00

Büchting, Hermann: (Schnellboot S-27): SIGNED CARD ONLY: £15.00

Detmers, Theodore: (Hilfskreuzer Kormoran): UNSIGNED PHOTO, PRINT OUT, DEATH NOTICE: £15.00

Feldt, Kurt: (Schnellboot (S-43, 2. Schn. Flott.)): PHOTO: £25.00

Fimmen, Kurt: (Schnellboots Flotille 1): PHOTO, LETTER, PRINT OUT: £30.00

Gartzen, von, Wilrich: (10. Torpeedobootsflottille): PHOTO, LETTER, ENVELOPE, PRINT OUT: £35.00

Kemnade, Friedrich (Oakleaves): (3. Schnellboots Flotille): PHOTO, LETTER, DEATH NOTICE: £35.00

Künzel, Karl-Friedrich: (Schnellboot S-28): PHOTO: £20.00

Müller, Alfred: (Schnellboot S-59): PHOTO: £20.00

Muser, Alfred: (8. Raumboots-flottille Commander): PHOTO, LETTER: £25.00

Paul, Friedrich-Karl: (2. Torpedoboots Flottille C.O.): PHOTO, NOTE: £25.00

Schulz, Karl: (VP 1509): PHOTO, LETTER, ENVELOPE, CV: £35.00

Weber, Horst: (Schnellboot S-55): SIGNED PRINT: £20.00

Weyher, Kurt: (Hilfskreuzer "Orion"): PHOTO: £40.00

Witt, Hermann: (Hafenkommandant Cherbourg): PHOTO, LETTER, CV: £45.00

Wuppermann, Siegfried: (Schnellboot S-60): PHOTO, LETTER, PRINT OUT, COPY PHOTO: £35.00

Zymalkowski, Felix: (8. Schnellbootsflottille Chief): PHOTO, SIGNED ADDRESS CARD: £25.00

Not see the person you would like to add to your collection in the list above? Just ask for who you seek, so that I can confirm whether they are within the wider collection.