Loyalty And Honour Photographs

Kriegsmarine Knight's Cross holders

Below is a selection of Kriegsmarine Knight's Cross holder photographs currently for sale, initially focusing on the U-Boat men.

Bargsten, Klaus: (U-521): PHOTO, LETTER: £20.00

Bielig, Gerhard: (U-177): PHOTO, CV: £20.00

Brasack, Paul: (U-737): PHOTO: £15.00

Bülow, von Otto (Oakleaves): (U-404): PHOTO: £20.00

Dammeier, Heinrich: (U-270): PHOTO, LETTER, ENVELOPE, CV: £30.00

Dobratz, Kurt Karl Anton: (U-1232): PHOTO: £15.00

Dommes, Wilhelm: (U-431): PHOTO, LETTER, 2 x PRINT OUTS: £25.00

Eick, Alfred: (U-510): PHOTO, LETTER, PRINT OUT, CV: £30.00

Franke, Heinz: (U-262): PHOTO, LETTER: £20.00

Gelhaus, Harald: (U-107): PHOTO: £15.00

Hardegen, Reinhard: (U-123): PHOTO: £20.00

Heß, Hans-Georg: (U-995): PHOTO, NOTE: £20.00

Koitschka, Siegfried: (U-616): PHOTO, ENVELOPE, CV: £25.00

Kraus, Hans-Werner: (U-83): PHOTO: £15.00

Kretschmer, Otto (Swords): (U-99): PHOTO: £35.00

Landfermann, Carl-August: (U-181): PHOTO, PRINT OUT: £20.00

Lange, Hans-Günther (Oakleaves): (U-711): PHOTO, LETTER, PRINT OUT: £30.00

Liebe, Heinrich (Oakleaves): (U-38): PHOTO: £20.00

Marbach, Karl-Heinz: (U-953): PHOTO, 3-PAGE PRINT OUT, ADDRESS CARD: £25.00

Mehl, Waldemar: (U-371): PHOTO, 3-PAGE CV, MAGAZINE: £30.00

Merten, Karl-Friedrich (Oakleaves): (U-68): LETTER only: £15.00

Mühlbauer, Rudolf: (U-123): PHOTO: £15.00

Öhrn, Victor: (U-37): PHOTO, LETTER: £20.00

Östen, Jürgen: (U-106): PHOTO, LETTER, CV: £25.00

Rösing, Hans Rudolf: (U-48): PHOTO (clipped), CV, LETTER, PRINT OUT (signed): £25.00

Rohweder, Hellmut: (U-69, U-514): PHOTO, CV (3 pages): £20.00

Schnee, Adalbert (Oakleaves): (U-201): PHOTO: £20.00

Schröteler, Heinrich: (U-1023): PHOTO, LETTER, ENVELOPE, CV: £25.00

Schröter, von Horst: (U-123): PHOTO: £15.00

Thomsen, Rolf (Oakleaves): (U-1202): PHOTO: £20.00

Westphalen, Otto: (U-121, U-968): PHOTO, ENVELOPE: £20.00

Witte, Helmut: (U-159): PHOTO, LETTER, CV, PRINT OUT, ENVELOPE: £35.00

Not see the person you would like to add to your collection in the list above? Just ask for who you seek, so that I can confirm whether they are within the wider collection.