Loyalty And Honour Photographs

Luftwaffe Knight's Cross holders

Below is a selection of Luftwaffe Knight's Cross holder photographs currently for sale, this batch focusing on the Jagd Geschwader pilots.

Beerenbrock, Franz-Josef (Oakleaves): JG51 "Mölders": PHOTO, PHOTO (UNSIGNED): £25.00

Bennemann, Dr. med. dent. Helmut: JG52: PHOTO: £15.00

Benning, Dr. Anton: JG301: PHOTO: £15.00

Bob, Hans-Ekkehard: JG54: PHOTO, SIGNED PRINT OUT: £20.00

Broch, Hugo: JG54: PHOTO: £15.00


Crinius, Wilhelm (Oakleaves): JG53, (D.A.K.): PHOTO, ENVELOPE: £25.00

Dahl, Walther (Oakleaves): JG3 "Udet": PHOTO, PRINT OUT, 2 X DOCUMENTS: £30.00

Dahmer, Hugo: JG5: PHOTO, LETTER, SIGNED PRINT: £25.00

Dickfeld, Adolf (Oakleaves): JG52: PHOTO: £20.00

Dombacher, Kurt: JG51 "Mölders": PHOTO: £15.00

Düttmann, Peter: JG52: PHOTO: £15.00

Eder, Georg-Peter (Oakleaves): JG1: PHOTO: £20.00


Glunz, Adolf (Oakleaves): JG26 "Schlageter": PHOTO: £20.00

Grislawski, Alfred (Oakleaves): JG52: PHOTO, 1 SIGNED MEDAL GROUPING PHOTO: £30.00

Hermichen, Rolf (Oakleaves): JG11: PHOTO: £20.00

Hrabak, Dietrich (Oakleaves): JG54: PHOTO, PRINT OUT: £25.00

Huy, Wolf-Dietrich (Oakleaves): JG77: PHOTO: £20.000

Isken, Eduard: JG53: PHOTO, PRINT OUT: £20.00

Josten, Günther (Oakleaves): JG51: "Mölders": PHOTO: £20.00

Kaiser, Herbert: JG77: PHOTO, LETTER: £20.00

Karch, Fritz: JG2 "Richthofen": LETTER ONLY: £10.00

Klein, Alfons: JG11: PHOTO (CLIPPED): £10.00

Knoke, Heinz: JG11: PHOTO, NOTE: £20.00

Köhler, Armin: JG77: LETTER ONLY: £10.00

Körner, Friedrich: JG27 (D.A.K.): PHOTO: £15.00

Lange, Heinz: JG51 "Mölders": PHOTO: £15.00

Lemke, Siegfried: JG2 "Richthofen": PHOTO: £15.00

Loos, Walter: JG300: PHOTO: £15.00

Losigkeit, Fritz: JG51 "Mölders": PHOTO: £15.00

Marquardt, Heinz: JG51 "Mölders": PHOTO: £15.00

Mayerl, Maximilian: JG51 "Mölders": PHOTO: £15.00

Naumann, Johannes: JG6: PHOTO: £15.00

Neumann, Klaus: JG3 "Udet": PHOTO: £15.00

Obleser, Friedrich: JG52: PHOTO, SIGNED POST-WAR CUT OUT: £20.00

Ohlrogge, Walter: JG3 "Udet": PHOTO (CLIPPED): £10.00

Petermann, Viktor: JG52: PHOTO: £15.00

Pichler, Johann: JG77: PHOTO, LETTER: £20.00

Pingel, Rolf: JG26 "Schlageter": PHOTO: £15.00

Rall, Günther (Swords): JG52: PHOTO, PRINT OUT: £30.00

Rammelt, Karl: JG51 "Mölders": PHOTO: £15.00

Rauch, Alfred: JG51 "Mölders": PHOTO, LETTER, ADDRESS LABEL: £25.00

Reinert, Ernst-Wilhelm (Swords): JG77 (D.A.K.): COLOUR PHOTO: £30.00

Reschke, Willi: JG301: PHOTO, PRINT OUT: £20.00

Rödel, Gustav-Siegfried (Oakleaves): JG27 (D.A.K.): PHOTO: £20.00

Roßmann, Edmund: JG52: PHOTO, LETTER: £20.00

Rudorffer, Erich (Swords): JG2 "Richthofen" (D.A.K.): COLOUR PHOTO, PRINT OUT: £35.00

Rübell, Günther: JG51 "Mölders": PHOTO: £15.00

Rüffler, Helmut: JG3 "Udet": PHOTO, LETTER, ENVELOPE: £25.00

Rudorffer, Erich (Swords): JG2 "Richthofen": PHOTO, LETTER: £30.00

Schack, Günther (Oakleaves): JG51 "Mölders": COLOUR PHOTO: £25.00

Schleinhege, Hermann: JG54: LETTER ONLY: £10.00

Schmidt, Winfrid: JG3: PHOTO: £15.00

Schnell, Karl-Heinz: JG51 "Mölders": PHOTO: £15.00

Schönfelder, Helmut: JG51 "Mölders": PHOTO: £15.00

Schöpfel, Gerhard: JG26 "Schlageter": PHOTO, LETTER, PRINT OUT: £25.00

Schuck, Walter (Oakleaves): JG5: PHOTO, LETTER: £25.00

Schultz, Otto: JG51 "Mölders" (D.A.K.): PHOTO: £15.00

Seeger, Günther: JG53: PHOTO, LETTER, ENVELOPE: £25.00

Seiler, Reinhard (Oakleaves): JG54: PHOTO: £20.00

Späte, Wolfgang (Oakleaves): JG54: PHOTO, ENVELOPE, £25.00

Steinhoff, Johannes (Swords): JG52: PHOTO (BUNDESWEHR), LETTER, PRINT OUT X 2: £30.00

Stolle, Bruno: JG2 "Richthofen": PHOTO: £15.00

Thyben, Gerhard (Oakleaves): JG54: PHOTO: £20.00

Trenkel, Rudolf: JG52: PHOTO (CLIPPED), LETTER: £20.00

Unger, Willy: JG3 "Udet": LETTER ONLY: £10.00

Weik, Hans: JG3 "Udet": PHOTO, LETTER: £20.00

Woidich, Franz: JG52: PHOTO: £15.00

Wolfrum, Walter: JG52: PHOTO: £15.00

Not see the person you would like to add to your collection in the list above? Just ask for who you seek, so that I can confirm whether they are within the wider collection.