Loyalty And Honour Photographs

Luftwaffe Knight's Cross holders

Below is a selection of Luftwaffe Knight's Cross holder photographs currently for sale, this batch focusing on the Kampfgeschwader aircrew.

Ackermann, Georg: KG53 "Legion Condor": PHOTO, LETTER, ENVELOPE: £25.00

Angerstein, Karl: KG1 "Hindenburg": PHOTO, LETTER: £20.00

Antrup, Wilhelm (Oakleaves): KG55: PHOTO: £20.00

Bätcher, Hansgeorg (Oakleaves): KG100: PHOTO: £20.00

Ballasko, von, Otto Edler: KG1 "Hindenburg": PHOTO, ENVELOPE: £20.00

Barth, Eitel-Albert: KG55: PHOTO: £15.00

Bertram, Hans-Wilhelm: KG6: PHOTO: £15.00

Beust, von, Freiherr Hans-Henning (Oakleaves): KG27 "Bölcke": PHOTO: £20.00

Bierbrauer, Günther: KG27 "Bölcke": PHOTO, LETTER, CV, KILL LIST, COPY AWARD DOC: £30.00

Boos, Johann: KG55: PHOTO, LETTER, ENVELOPE: £25.00

Braun, Willi: KG55: PHOTO: £15.00

Brennecke, Wilhelm: KG55: PHOTO: £15.00

Breu, Peter Paul: KG3 "Lützow": PHOTO: £15.00

Broich, Peter: KG2: PHOTO, LETTER: £20.00

Dipberger, Wilhelm: KG6: PHOTO: £15.00

Engel, Otto: KG53 "Legion Condor": PHOTO, PRINT OUT: £20.00

Fath, Fridolin: KG z.b.V. 1: PHOTO, LETTER, ADDITIONAL PHOTO: £25.00

Fink, Johannes: General der Fleiger, II. Fl. Kps, Luftflotte 1, KG2: PHOTO: £45.00

Frenzel, Günter: KG zbV1: PHOTO, LETTER, NOTE, PRINT OUT, ENVELOPE: £35.00

Gapp, Franz: KG6: PHOTO: £15.00

Geisler, Herbert: KG4 "General Wever": PHOTO, LETTER, ENVELOPE: £25.00

Geismann, Johannes: KG77: PHOTO (clipped): £10.00

Glasner, Günter: KG6: PHOTO: £15.00

Grasemann, Walter: KG27 "Bölcke": PHOTO: £15.00

Häberlein, Klaus: KG51: PHOTO: £15.00

Hampe, Herbert: KG3 "Lützow": PHOTO: £15.00

Hauser, Helmuth: KG51: PHOTO: £15.00

Herrmann, Benno: KG76: PHOTO, SIGNED PRINT OUT: £20.00

Herrmann, Hajo (Swords): KG4 "General Wever": PHOTO, PRINT: £30.00

Höfer, Heinrich (Oakleaves): KG55: PHOTO: £20.00

Jope, Bernhard (Oakleaves): KG40: PHOTO: £20.00

Kempin, Günther: KG27 "Bölcke": PHOTO (COLOUR), LETTER: £25.00

Kirn, Hans: KG6: PHOTO: £15.00

Klein, Heinrich: KG27 "Bölcke": PHOTO: £15.00

Kless, Friedrich (General Major, Korps Ia, Luftlotte 6 Ia): KG55: PHOTO (COLOUR), LETTER: £55.00

Klien, Heinz: KG27 "Bölcke": PHOTO: £15.00

Klümper, Werner: KG26: PHOTO (CLIPPED): £10.00

Köhnke, Otto: KG54: PHOTO (COLOUR): £20.00

Krems, Gerhard: KG27 "Bölcke": PHOTO, LETTER: £20.00


Lindinger, Eduard: KG1 "Hindenburg": PHOTO, ENVELOPE: £20.00

Linke, Richard: KG54: PHOTO: £15.00

Löffelbein, Günther: KG51: PHOTO: £15.00

Lukesch, Dieter (Oakleaves): KG76: PHOTO: £20.00

Luxenburger, Josef: KG55: PHOTO: £15.00

Morzik, Friedrich-Wilhelm: KG z.b.V. 1 Luftflotte 1: PHOTO: £15.00

Müller, Philipp: KG55: PHOTO, PRINT OUT: £20.00

Nacke, Rudolf: KG76: PHOTO, PRINT OUT, ENVELOPE: £25.00

Odenhardt, Wilhelm: KG4 "General Wever": PHOTO, ENVELOPE: £20.00

Pötter, Joachim: KG77: PHOTO (clipped): £10.00

Röthke, Siegfried: KG4 "General Wever": PHOTO, LETTER: £20.00

Schlosser, Heinrich: KG40: PHOTO, CV, SIGNED PRINT OUT: £25.00

Schmetz, Heinrich: KG100: PHOTO, LETTER, ENVELOPE: £25.00

Schmid, Karl: KG27 "Bölcke": PHOTO, LETTER, ENVELOPE: £25.00

Schmidt, Hermann: KG66: PHOTO, LETTER, DEATH NOTICE, CUT OUT: £30.00

Schmidt, Rudolf: KG26: PHOTO, LETTER, PRINT OUT: £25.00

Schöfbeck, Hans: KG z.B.V. 9: PHOTO: £15.00

Spadiut, Hubert: KG76: PHOTO, ENVELOPE: £20.00

Stein, Günther: KG2: PHOTO: £15.00

Steudel, Fritz: KG53 "Legion Condor": PHOTO: £15.00

Störchel, Helmut: KG30: PHOTO, ENVELOPE: £20.00

Südel, Heinrich: KG55: PHOTO, LETTER, CV: £25.00

Täger, Erich: KG1 "Hindenburg": PHOTO: £15.00

Thomsen, Ernst-Heinrich: KG26: PHOTO, LETTER, ENVELOPE: £25.00

Tilebein, Bruno: KG4 "General Wever": PHOTO: £15.00

Tscherning, Willy: KG1 "Hindenburg": PHOTO: £15.00

Unrau, Heinz: KG51: PHOTO: £15.00

Veith, Alfred: KG55: PHOTO: £15.00

Wittmann, Herbert (Oakleaves): KG53 "Legion Condor": PHOTO, LETTER, ENVELOPE, PRINT: £35.00

Zähr, Erich: KG z.b.V. (Oakleaves): PHOTO (COLOUR): £20.00

Zauner, Franz: KG54: PHOTO: £15.00

Not see the person you would like to add to your collection in the list above? Just ask for who you seek, so that I can confirm whether they are within the wider collection.