About Us

Who are we?
Established in 2018 with the purpose of supplying signed Knight's Cross holder photographs to fellow collectors, like myself.

Over 15 years of face-to-face contact with Knight's Cross holding veterans who served within all arms of service of Germany's armed forces during the Second World War.

During my research for the various books that I write, I have been very lucky to have met hundreds of veterans who served in Germany's armed forces in the Second World War. One of the specific elements that interests me, is the history of the Knight's Cross holders. In my many research trips to Europe, I have had the chance to meet dozens of the men who held this, Germany's highest, bravery award. They served in all combat theatres and arms of service from that conflict.

Building upon, and expanding, the contacts I have made over the past 25-years of research, has given me access to various collections containing signed photos from Knight's Cross holders. My aim is to help fellow collectors of these signed photos to increase their existing collection, or for new collectors to make a start. Many of the photographs you will see for sale, also come with hand-signed letters, envelopes, career summaries, copy award documents and other paperwork. These letters and photographs were obtained over the past 45-years, which therefore allows access to former soldiers who have sadly passed away decades ago.

This website will be updated with new photographs from time to time, so it is worth checking in. If you have particular 'wants', of signed photos you would like to add to your collection, just ask. Adding the complete current collection will take many months!

LAH Photographs does not hold any political convictions of any type, or towards any particular 'cause', 'flag' or ideology, but is purely interested in the military history of the former Knight's Cross holders of Germany's armed forces.