Knights Cross Storage Folders

In addition to the signed Knight's Cross holder photographs and the templates to mount them, all available from Loyalty and Honour Photographs, a series of folders have been designed to hold the photographs and their mounting templates. 

These folders are colour specific:

  • Navy blue for Kriegsmarine
  • Mid-blue for Luftwaffe
  • Green for Heer
  • Black for Waffen-SS

Each of them features either gold or silver embossed lettering on the cover and spine, with a Third Reich era version of the Iron Cross in the middle of the cover. (please bear this specific aspect of these folders, aimed at being 'period specific', they are not designed to offend anyone, nor support the ideology that existed during that time).

The mounting templates are held in place by colour matched gold or silver screw pins, with each folder being able to hold up to 30 mounted photographs on templates. .