Photo Mounts

Protecting your photos, whilst displaying them, is always a challenge. To potentially help in this key area, I have designed mounting templates. They can easily be stored in clear A4 wallets and kept in a folder. Alternatively, they can be mounted within an A3 frame easily, ready to be added to your wall.

These templates contain the key details of the soldier's career, including: command positions held, awards obtained and campaigns fought in; they also contain military unit emblems that the person served within.

Each template is printed on different colour paper for each arms of service (Green for Heer, Blue for Luftwaffe and Kriegsmarine, Biege for Waffen-SS). They cost an additional £15.00 per template. If you would like a template to go with your photo, please allow time to create each one; something that can be discussed at the time of your order.